Is the name of Rio Ferdinand’s biography.

Rio has grown on me over the past couple of years but this has set him back a bit.

Doesn’t sound like a very long book


Any idea how many chapters getting people #merked has dedicated to it? 7/8?

Could be a deal breaker whether I buy it or buy multiple copies for presents :gift:

Claude did a # on the Apprentice last night

do you reckon we’ll look back in 5 years and just be like … what

some half arsed footballer book titles out there

this is a classic though


Is he trying to look like a grizzled woodsman


He’s a very enigmatic presence isn’t he, simultaneously comes across as a really decent bloke and a complete and utter whopper.

Those are his 2 sides.


Fair point

I used to think he was a complete whopper but the punditry has been better than expected and I guess I really felt for him when his wife died.

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Thinks he’s fucking Lee van Cleef or something.

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