3°C of warming = no more Shanghai, Miami or Fenino


The Guardian have a bunch of articles about 3°C being a significant climate marker on the back of new UN warning

which all leads to

and of course climate change/sea rise is just one part of it, global pollution is pretty heinous too

Not really sure what to say about it but shit is fucked yo

what are we doing about it?


Probably just have it on that boat in Peterborough tbh.


Hot tug*


Last night Prince WIlliam suggested that there were too many people in Africa.

It’s good that we have our best people on it…


No thank you.


Not coral bleaching what will become of our beautiful society


Any excuse to post this


boat in Peterborough??



what are you on about ?


I think it’s fairly self-explanatory.


People really can’t psychologically process global climate catastrophe can they?


not really, no


Boiling frog, innit?


Probably just go to work today, do a bit of that, pick up a takeaway on the way home, watch Netflix and fall asleep tbh.


I guess so

but there’s tons of evidence that it’s happened before …only there’s billions of us now and entire cities that house millions of people will just disappear

oh well


Aye, we’re all fucked. Not sure what else to say






wolfcastle, my man