30 day record challenge

Shall we do these each day?

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Yeah why not just not Day 30 anything but Day 30. Oh and Day 15

This 30 day record challenge goes to day 31


Gonna leave this typo up for you

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“Rick Rubin Day”

See these types of things all the time on instagram and been tagged a few times.
Dreadful imo.

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I love this kind of thing but have only done it on social media once (in the early days of Facebook). Now I feel a bit self conscious about it among real life friends (many of whom don’t give a shit about music or vinyl). I’d do it here though.


Might wanna mute me then because (a) I’m in and (b) I reckon I can make at least 2/3 of these Pearl Jam records

Maybe we need to invent our own DiS one - was just thinking it makes more sense here than in social media too

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And tbf, I saw this via mionyl and know she’ll do lots of interesting posts

I like Pearl Jam.
Some of the categories make me laugh/cringe though.
Think the structure/pissing contest this often turns into with record colletors puts me off.
I’m much more of the ‘random discogs pick’ side of things.

Have fun though all.

Agree on Instagram I find it hella annoying and I don’t have time to post a record a day on that platform, even though I have a dedicated vinyl IG profile. I don’t play things daily either. Some people seem to spend all damn day playing and posting records. I’ve had my days, mind you, depending on my living situation and setup.

Anyway, dreadful there, yes, but on a forum I’d probably be into it. Far easier to participate than on IG.

Reckon the insta ones probably don’t listen to half of em tbh.
Let me know ur account name there if you like and I’ll add you.
I suspect this forum version may well be advertised for ‘engagement’ tbh :grinning:

Fair point for sure, especially when posting for a daily challenge it’s not really about “what are you listening to” but sharing things from the collection. I guess my rant was more general about some super active folks on there. Even without listening, just pulling out records, taking a decent photo, sharing, etc. is challenging on a daily basis. I haven’t shared too much lately because my setup still needs a little work after moving late 2021, but I’m here: @allthatyouseeandhear

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Aye if I’m not listening to a record I wouldn’t be arsed :grinning:

Edit; added you there :+1:

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Oh hello, I have followed you.

I’d be in. Something to do isn’t it?

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I just thought it might be something structured to try :person_shrugging:

I don’t benefit from more engagement.

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I quite enjoy this type of thing so I will play if I see it here or on Twitter.

Last one posting wins a chocolate Noddy prize?

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Why’s it a vinyl challenge? Seems particularly beardy.

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You get much warmer answers that way.


Didn’t say you did.
Good luck with it though.
Hope everyone who participates has a good time.