30 minute banal thread

As usual, last person to post wins the thread.

As usual, it may be more like 35 minutes.

What’s up?

Got my ears syringed after not properly cleaning them for years and everything is SO LOUD

Black olives

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Black pepper? Cucumber? Peppers?

Pepsi cola… Mountain Dew

downside is I can now hear my flatmate’s phone conversation REALLY LOUDLY, can’t wait to live on my oowwwwwnn

I might try the old olive oil thing again. Am sure that my ears are making me dizzy atm

yeah when I first went in they told me to do that twice a day for a week and then come back because it was so bad, gonna try do that a bit more reg now

Just bought some talc and brylcreem

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Seeing a film in a bit. Completely alone in the basement of the Seven Dials Brewdog.

Tried to upload a photo but the WiFi here is too slow / won’t let me

Making spinachy pasta, and pretty happy that my trusty yr 2000 ford focus Ghia estate lives to fight another day

Ooh someone’s got a date!

(Gl, he_2)

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To celebrate the end of rationing?



The pleasure of getting an old car through another MOT is an underrated one.

:left_speech_bubble: Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed. — Alexander Pope

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This wasn’t even the mot - was just broken

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

But yes you are correct

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