360s (more characters)

Two years back I got okish marks from everyone but had given myself ridiculously high marks and looked like some arrogant penis (can’t find the thread). This time I went low and got really good marks* elsewhere and look like some meek shite!

I just don’t know how to pitch it. Fuck this shit!

What are your 360 tactics - and don’t fucking say honesty.

(yeah, yeah 85% or whatever)

Need some context here please, friendo

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What the hell are you on about here?


Like what? Do you want me to publish the 36 page document?

360 reviews.

I just give everyone really good reviews and myself fair to middling.

Well I think we could probably all use some kind of explanation as to why you’re marking yourself and being marked, some of the criteria for the marking system, maybe some kind of indication as to the purpose of the marks etc?

Yeah, manager gets really good marks as it is obvious that is you and then everyone else just good. It’s me I struggle with.

You mark yourself over 60 odd questions and then your superiors, inferiors, peers and people you support all mark you and then it all gets compared in shit loads of graphs and data.

Comments too.

This sounds absurd. Why? Can you give some examples of questions etc?

A fun thing to do might be to do this for the community here on drownedinsound.com eh?

Choose a number between 1 and 54 (and as long as it isn’t too company based I will post it)

7 please

Shows recognition and give thanks when applicable.

Out of 5
me – 4
manager - 5
other punters - 4.2

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To some extent, very much so, not at all, don’t know?

Never, sometimes, often, almost always, always

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This sounds fucking soul destroying btw, I’m very hopeful that you can get one of these drafted up for users here by tomorrow morning?

Surely this should be part of your Friday review. 360s for all!

We need sean to give us a mission statement and a few core beliefs to base the questions around.

I have just this second (electronically) signed my annual appraisal and sent it back. I Fully Met Expectations. I would have settled for Generally Met Expectations, so this is a boon.

These 360 things sound shite, but they would have been incredible in my old place.

@sean can we get this actioned please?

I’ll work on some kind of 360 user peer review thread for tomorrow

These are to be used as the basis of the appraisal.

My old boss felt that all appraisal feedback should be negative, as that is the only way people would be motivated to improve their performance.

She volunteered to give appraisals when she joined the firm. In her first year doing them, she made people cry.