3D printing hasn't really taken off

Has it?

Damn! Was just about to make this joke:

people have made plastic aeroplanes with it, so you might say it has LITERALLY taken off.

alas I can find no examples.


It looks quite well-crafted to me!

It’s just a bit shit right now, it’ll probably get better. Like computers used to only make banners and now they can, idk, do twitter.


Nobody really can get their head round what sorcery is involved in it.

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shortly after this photograph the 3D printed hat was quite literally TAKEN OFF the mannequin


I’m in charge of our 3D printing portfolio at work.

Big, big fan of it. It’s got no cases in it.

People seem to do it all the time on Reddit

Not sure what they’re so happy about. Wings tied on with string isn’t that encouraging.

My cousin makes bespoke furniture in Lewisham and uses a 3D printer to make plastic hinges #london

this is pure brilliant, be prepared for tears if you haven’t already seen it


Should probably stop keeping kids in his shed tbh


Y’know 3D printing organs or body parts, is that going to just be gobbled up by private healthcare?

Dunno. I had an organ 3D printing case in my old job actually, that was from a university spin-out.

Only if they’re into DIY surgery, I’d imagine…?
Like the very best prosthetic/cyber limb things being developed at the moment seem to be coming from car companies like mercedes, and if they only license to private healthcare firms I can imagine it becoming a sliding scale with those designing the best 3d printed stuff.

I’m kind of getting more & more fascintated by the h+ movement & some of their crazy/frightening notions for this kind of technology

I’m fairly sure there’ll be some kind of h+ Elon Musk along in a minute to provide us with all our automated exoskeleton & enhanced vision perception needs outside of the healthcare system

The idea of “governing” the posthuman doesn’t bother me too much, basically boils back down to seizing the means of production again. Course as we discussed the other day could end up with a complete plutocracy instead but I reckon we might need a nudge towards that to scare people enough to kick back, too.

Gonna 3D print this thread and read it in the park later