3D printing hasn't really taken off

chanticleer on the old boards used to do that:

yeah, I guess

do you know this guy Zoltan Istvan?
He’s gonna run for Governor of California next year. He firmly believes that instead of the council spending endless money fixing cracks in the sidewalk & providing ramps for disability access etc that the money should instead be spent on technology for disabled people to be transhuman and have ‘robotic therapy’ in order to navigate these environments instead…among lots of other things of course. He’s a freaky superlibertarian nut job

that’s great
warms the cockles of my heart so it does

“Libertarian futurist” just reads like “Blade Runner fanfic writer” to me


well maybe

but look out for old Zoltan and some of his ideas becoming more mainstream in the next few years


With a name like Zoltan he had no choice but to become some kind of cyber sci fi baddie did he?

that or an attacking midfield journeyman at Fulham/West Brom

One of my mates got very rich with his 3D chocolate printer company a few years ago (apparently v. big market in china). He then married someone called Rainbow who defrauded him for almost all his $$$ and now lives in Cornwall.

Amongst the most popular men’s names in Hungary:

Zoltán, Attila, Balázs

They’ve got no choice but to be a nation of supervillains really.

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