4/20 daily thread

Going to smoke a massive doobie and watch Slacker.

Or maybe not.


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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Want to set myself a challenge of going on the PS4 during a work meeting. Tempted to download Crash Team Racing to see if I can complete a race during it

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Morning all!

I’m on strike again so I’ve made an effort to get dressed and do the dishes in order to convince myself I’m a worthwhile human adult.

I’m planning to read some chapters of a book I’ve been reading for about a year before I fully commit to playing DS3 later. I might do some job application too

Need to nip out for my whooping cough vaccine imminently, considering not wearing a jacket :sunglasses:

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I’ve put my gym clothes on in the hope it might encourage me to actually go to the gym at lunch.

  • You can do it!
  • Enjoy your lunch watching TV, roasty

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This was the right decision.

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I hate weed and the vile smell of it but could do with a big fat blunt to take the edge off. Really, really annoyed with work: our website is absolute shite in the first place but something that got fixed has broken again and attaching tags to articles seems to require IT assistance. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. And then I’ve been lumbered with sorting out a session (I don’t know about what) for an audience I don’t know for an event I know barely anything about with the charity we work with where I know a bit but not loads about them. What?? And I can’t even get a meeting with the one person who might know something about it because they’re absolutely rammed today and tomorrow morning. Arghhhhhh.

Aaaand no-one has replied to my emails so I can sort out articles and I’m really annoyed and everyone can fuck off.

Had one (1) sex dream and one dream where I called Boris Johnson a “racist cunt” four (4) times in front of national media and I’m not sure which got the blood flowing more

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On my way to my 3rd meeting of 5 today. Feels nice to meet people face to face even if I can’t have 4 people in a room at the office yet

Guaranteed that the person I’m meeting is gonna offer to blaze one. Shame I have 2 more meetings straight after

Just bought some CBD and uploaded yesterday’s radio show, which I’m sure will get 3 clicks from you lot :innocent: Mixcloud

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I was going to click it but probably won’t bother seeing as you’ve already achieved your target.

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agghhhhhhhhhhhh really wanna stop smoking weed but today is not the day is it!?!? :frowning_face:

Just a note to everyone, if you can smoke responsibly then go ahead but drug addiction, even weed, destroys lives and causes real pain to the addict and people close to them. Just as a be mindful.



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