4/20 evening thread

It’s the evening now. What are you doing this evening?

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I’m having a lie down.

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Good idea, I just had one of those

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I need to do the dishes. I’m not enthralled about it. There’s a big bag of Sensations in the kitchen though so I’m almost tempted.

Blazing it. Just kidding working.

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Just had a sandwich, watching King of the Hil

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Also excellent job @froglet getting those sweet sweet evening threads on and popping again.


Having a little sit down tbh w u. Going to have daahl for dinner, looking forward to it.

It is my Friday night and I am about to have dinner

Normally there would also be bacon but we’re in the middle of breakfast-for-dinner week and needed a bacon break. Gonna watch some more Snackmasters and drink some beers.


In the spirit of the season I’ve had a couple of squares of ‘medicinal’ vegan chocolate and am listening to Black Sabbath. Didn’t think the chocolate had any effect then realised I’d been staring out of the window enjoying how many different shades of green were in the trees for twenty minutes.

Might order Dominos.


Had it again.


Also that picture of toast that @Funkhouser made my mouth water.


It’s very good toast tbf.

Oooooft what is that, mackarel? Delicious.

Is indeed.

Had another quote to sort my garden and it’s slap bang between the cheap one, where I’m worried about the quality, and the reliable company who are far far far too expensive. But the guy turned up in an unbranded van, there’s no company paper trail of note and I just feel very wary. Dead nice guy and my instinct is always to trust that people are honest but there’s just a few too many warning flags. See diy thread for more on this breaking news.

In other news, I am about to read to bairn 1 and then do more work, hurrah.

Despite starting a thread with 4/20 in the title only minutes ago, i did not get what you meant by medicinal for a minute there

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Wash up then reward yourself

What kind of meat we got going on in the top right behind the bread?

Does that mean a fry-up every night or will you mix it up with some trendy avocado toast or classy eggs Benedict one evening?

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