40 biggest selling albums of 2017 so far (UK)


I had no idea how popular Rick Wakeman is.

Vera Lynn - I know she was 100 but is this some sort of UKIP thing?

In a very sad geeky sort of way I do find it fascinating what music sells so well even though virtually non of these albums are of any actual interest to me.


Who knew the soundtrack to the smash hot film Trolls was so popular?

Really strange what is popular… I’d love to see the figures without streaming


I think there’s a bit of advertising space they missed:


On my ‘Old man who is totally out of touch scale’ I genuinely haven’t heard any of these albums (not looking for indie points & obviously I’ve heard Bowie just not that particular collection). But, apart from (The) Shires who I had to look up on iTunes, I have heard of all these artists and could probably just about describe what their music is like even though I’d be hard pressed to name an actual song in most cases.

My niece is reaching peak pop music age so part of me sort of wants to bite the bullet and listen to these just so I am not totally ignorant of what she is into. Could be a painful few days on Spotify.