40 Things You Can Stop Doing Now!

Right then, the journalistic Gods have decided that this is the fucking pointless bullshit we need to be bickering about today so let’s just get it over and done with eh?

  • putting two spaces after a full stop

if you stopped doing all those things (assuming you do them anyway) you’d save about 2 hrs a year in time - except the tax thing - thats quite useful

are they all as good as the first one?



This list has vindicated several of my lifestyle choices. I always knew I was the best!

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Shit list for cunts

not read it

Pretty happy about the flossing one.

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but you’re right!

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CDs are getting a lot of stick these days. There was an arsehole Noisey column a few weeks ago where some arsehole actually went to a branch of HMV to point and laugh at people who “still” buy CDs. What difference does it make how other people consume their music? I hate Noisey. Worst music site bar none. And considering the competition, that’s saying something. Yeah!

Mate, that’s out of order, sean’s doing his best. Have a word with yourself, ffs.

DiS is certainly in the top 80 percentile.

No point backtracking now, the harm’s been done.

Then if I cannot be forgotten, I hope I can be forgiven.

@hip_young_gunslinger you just called him a good man, you fool!

He challenges my preconceptions, and for that, I am grateful.

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That’s not even the hat I have!

Definitely not clicking that. Don’t floss peel veg, wash my jeans? Already do pal!

Please show us a picture of the hat you paid actual money for