45 minutes left


What shall I do? Definitely not doing any more work.


Draw a picture of mothra


I’ve not done any work today cause my ovaries were too sore


Cheeky wank in the disabled loos?

Dunno what to suggest for the other 44.5 minutes though WAHEEEEEEEY



(btw that is my penis)



fucking arsehole colleague just stung me a classic

“hey can you do this easy thing before you go”
“yeah no bother”
*looks at thing*
*realises it’s going to take WAY longer than I thought*


Already on bus home loser


Got most of the way through a post about weak celebrity bants (something about t-shirts?) then gave up because I’d confused myself and forgotten the point.

Might go home, nobody’s here.


Finish that post in here, I’ve already embarrassed myself upthread.


It’s gone now. It was about how they must have an assistant to do the legwork for those things, and imagine having a weak bants assistant!

e.g. I’d have all those photoshopped mugs made up for Fenino, whereas the best I’ve managed so far without an assistant is bringing @saps a packet of Skips at the last one.


Might go to the beer shop on my way home.

Dunno though. Already got to go to House of Shitting Fraser.


Thought it was a new kitchen you were after, not a bathroom?

Alright, see you on Monday.


Get out.


Bye Felicia.

(I don’t know what this is from)


It’s from ‘Friday’ starring Chris Tucker and Ice Cube. So pretty appropriate really.


Ooh there’s a new chinese place that’s opened between my work and the cinema. Would be rude not to, right?


Those were good bants though.