4DX cinema

loada bollocks mate

(never been, never will)

remember doing a 4D thing at Legoland, and it was shit then

i’d go but it’s like a million pounds for a ticket so fuck that

would pay an extra quid i guess? one time.

I fancy the lady in the hooped earrings off of the Cineworld adverts for this that they play before every film

hasn’t this existed for ages?

basically a slightly updated version of william castle gimmicks I’d guess

This sort of thing has (literally) been rumbling along for at least a couple of decades, though, right? At theme parks and whatnot. Have a faint memory of something like it being punted at Butlins(?) in the 80s? So it’s not even a fad, just destined for continued niche-ness.

Absolutely amazed home 3D TV hasn’t taken off. :upside_down_face:

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there was a particularly mean bully at my school called william castle

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4 dix more like LOL


did he put devices underneath your seat that caused electric shocks like his namesake?

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ye… no

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…which has reminded me of the Cine 2000 domes that used to be at theme parks in the 80s.


Saw Kong: Skull Island in 4dx one and a quarter times. Was fairly enjoyably extreme but quickly got tired of getting punched in the back by my chair every time Kong did something.


…superseded by these in the 90s.

Which were pretty shite in comparison, despite being technically more advanced.

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might be the heat but this has done me


Remember going on one about the history of Rome on a school trip in 2005. Was the naffest thing ever, also only lasted about 20 minutes and the teachers were clearly hoping it would go on all afternoon because they had nothing else planned. Was a bad afternoon for all involved.

Honestly cannot tell when sarcasm is being used on DiS any more :slight_smile:


I only found out yesterday that the upside down smiley is for sarcasm.

True story.

Think 3D might have stood a chance if the newer glasses were as cool as the old-skool red & blue/green ones.

50s nostalgia and The Hoff beats the royal seal of approval every time.

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Cinema would still be full of cunts though, wouldn’t it

More cunts going to the 4DX screen, the quieter the 2D ones will be for the rest of us.

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Oh I don’t go to the cinema