4DX film screenings

anyone been to one?

I did today, to watch Nobody.

was more intense than i expected, quite a lot going on. the seats lurch around during fight scenes and sometimes the backrest moves so it feels like you’re being kicked in the back, also vibrates when the characters go on the subway etc. there was a bit where it snowed in the film and then foam sprayed from the ceiling. also got mist sprayed in my face at one point

it’s really silly but pretty fun. will probably never do it again

It sounds an absolute nightmare tbh. Maybe for a short film but not a feature length one

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it made me really wanna sit and watch a film in a massage chair, wonder if anywhere does that

take your own in with you

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That sounds like not my thing - sounds more like a theme park thing than a cinema

(I don’t like 3d either fwiw)

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this wasn’t in 3d thankfully

3d combined with 4dx would be too wild even for me

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I’ve been in a similar Ice Age short thing at the Melbourne Aquarium. The kids in the screening enjoyed it. Definitely can’t see it being worthwhile for a proper film though.

is it basically like a Playstation DualShock controller except it’s your chair?

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I think I’d struggle to focus. Could be interesting if films were written in a sort of POV way where you’re one of the characters.