4pm snack audit and banal

Earl grey + crispy bacon wheat crunchies.


There’s 2 boxes of Tim Hortons donuts in the office. 18 donuts between 5 of us. Had one of the custard filled ones with a coffee and it was bueno!



Just… nothing.

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two easy peelers and a digestive

Any crullers? Best donut of all time if you ask me.

not eaten at all today.

wait, I had half a sandwich I didn’t finish last night earlier.

dunno where to start with this, kitsch

its fine

Sweet chilli rice crackers

i’m fine

Got a kind of cruller looking thing they describe as an apple fritter, looks pretty delish.


A couple of Dumle & a cup of rooibos green tea

(except it’s 5pm here)

Had some sour cream & chive hummus crisp things just now, very nice. Chilli won’t be long though, smells fucking delicious.

Someone at work is leaving and there’s cake for their leaving-the-office wake but I shouldn’t have any because me and the tv have decided we’re gonna eat healthy and lose some weight :violin:

Have had a glass of prosecco and I’m basically half-cut tho :+1:

…with snacks?

Helping myself to a nice glass of water (tap).

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You’re a class act JI, leading by example.

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