4pm snack time and etc.

I’m having an earl grey and two fingers of twix. What are you having?


coffee with nothing

Regular tea and a slice of apple cake

I just had a Twix too!!!

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Got a bag of Wheat Crunchies that I didn’t have with my lunch

I’d planned to get a mango but forgot to get it when I was at the shops earlier.
Got some banana cake I made the other day so probably that and a cup of tea.

yes bergie!

11AM coffee break/snack time here consisting of celery and hummus.

You just reminded me to eat my peach.
Public service announcement - right now seems to be the perfect time for peaches. I had one last night and it was absolutely fabulous.

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Nothing and nothing :frowning:

TO be honest it’s a bit late for a snack for me normally, as I’ll end up eating half of a child’s tea in approx. 90 mins, but hey ho. Lost about half a stone in the last 3 days with tonsillitis and desperately need to put it back on, so may as well do it with lard.

Sounds more like a punishment than a snack


Probably going to have a turmeric tea pushed on me once @avery gets home :sob:

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As I said in the morning thread I had a brie sandwich for breakfast which made me do brie-flavoured burps all morning. Then I had pasta and cheese sauce for lunch which is way heavier than anything I’d normally eat for lunch. And now I feel bloated and smelly and couldn’t imagine eating anything else ever again.

So nothing.

Beans and (veggie) sausages on toast with a fried egg. What’s a 4pm meal called?

Sainsbury’s (I think) salted caramel cookie - far too indugant for this time of day but I have a cold and also get off my back thank you

The egg came from my friend’s parent’s farm and good grief it was excellent.

How did you miss this


i am an idiot.