5 places you wanna go

ooo why Santiago?


Don’t wanna go anywhere anymore “just because”. I’ll go anywhere if there’s a purpose behind it that goes deeper than seeing a place, but there’s nowhere in particular that’s going to improve my life by simply going there.

^this. For us, that purpose is usually to eat lots of food.

The conclusion of doing this…

You’ve made John Stuart Mill cry again

Yeah, it really shouldn’t be that low down on my list. Fancy it big time.

Good thread.

  1. A nice long walk somewhere. If I could teleport myself somewhere, I’d walk from Wick Ferry to Hengistbury Head - along the inside of the harbour, then back over the top of Warren Hill, then along the coast until I got tired / fancied some lunch.
  2. An American road trip. I’m trying to persuade Mrs CCB that we can do this around the time of my 40th. My aunt and uncle live in Iowa during the summer so we could maybe start in Chicage, visit them on the way through and head out towards the west coast.
  3. Japan, having read the various Japan threads beforehand
  4. Norway. I have friends over there who I’ve been meaning to visit. Could visit them and then use as a base to explore. Again, would probably been to read up on it first.
  5. Space. There’s zero chance of this happening but hey, who said this had to be realistic?
  1. Croatia
  2. San Sebastian
  3. Chicago
  4. San Diego
  5. Cuba

Off the top if my head.

New York

2 others

Maldives (or similar wee island nation)
A big long US road trip around all the national parks and that

Plenty of others too tbqhumble.

Costa Rica would be on there but already got that booked for next year.

Oh copenhagen too

Can’t recommend San Seb enough!

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  1. Japan - Just for a walk around more than anything else. Oh, and to see the Gundam statue.
  2. L.A. - So I can visit my ATD and get fucked up with him.
  3. Antarctica - Just so I can pretend I’m in ‘The Thing’.
  4. The Yucatan peninsula - Visit some Mayan temples and shit.
  5. Germany - Would love to visit Cologne, Hamburg and Bremen.
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guess if I REALLY wanted to go somewhere I’d probably have gone there already by now.

So lets go for Frensham Ponds

Croatia & Montenegro
South American IN GENERAL

  1. Home (Bed)
  2. Iceland again. (the country, not the supermarket)
  3. Japan
  4. Somewhere good for Snowboarding. Whistler?
  5. Norway again.


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Whistler is nice enough, but the reliability of the snow conditions is really not great…

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  1. Greenland
  2. Kamchatka
  3. Socotra
  4. New Zealand
  5. Kyoto