❤ 5 things you are grateful for ❤

A classic but it’s been a while.

With all the evil going on right now let’s take just a moment to think about some things we are grateful for in our lives.

I am grateful for:

. my mum’s health: she seems pretty stable on her meds these days and is able to laugh and enjoy parts of life again which is a real blessing considering how things were a few years ago

. the little sparrows that live in my hedge, it’s cheering to see them dart about and listen to their chirps

. the weather improving (generally) means I can go and play tennis with my friends occasionally which does me good

. my boiler for being fixed finally and not causing any issues at the moment

. the squirrel in the park that was balancing on a tiny branch and eating a nut, was a very cool sight to see the other day. Sometimes life has little surprises in store like this.

There are still things to appreciate in this world x

  • Falling back in love with reading in the last few years, and keeping it going during lockdown
  • The joy I get from cooking/baking a new recipe
  • How supportive my work have been regarding home working/well-being
  • Plants, they’re pretty great eh
  • New music, genuinely still love it and engaging with my DiS-friends about it

Plants are great you are right!

What a nice thread Bam!

  • The sun being a bit brighter and out for longer, it’s made such a difference to my mood
  • The sparrows & robins who visit the garden, especially when they have a mud bath which is the CUTEST
  • My creative writing course and being able to write again
  • My family, I’m so lucky that we get on so well
  • Misty, of course! She constantly cracks me up and is just the sweetest most loving little bean

Aw misty! Bless her.

Creative writing sounds fun, I used to write some bad poetry when I was younger.

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  • My morning walk around the Albert Dock that I’ve managed to do every working day since November
  • Being able to plan day trips and visits to my friends and family scattered across the country
  • My old housemate got a PhD at the same university as me so we’re gonna live together next year which will be sweet
  • My family who have been amazing in lockdown, particularly in their gentle encouragement for me to get out the bloody flat
  • Black Country, New Road
  • enjoying my own company
  • having a proper traditional neighbourly relationship with so many neighbours (sharing leftovers, communicating daily, an aspect of communal childcare)
  • having a bike
  • affordable swimming
  • people talking about mental health issues so freely these days :heart:
  • Having a beautiful girlfriend
  • Having a beautiful cat (my absolute buddy now sleeps with me while I wfh)
  • The good health of my family and friends
  • The winter being over so I can feel alive again
  • Being able to rent in a city that doesn’t immediately eat up half my wage (it’s grim, but chatting to friends in Dublin made me realise how much worse renting could be)
  • the view from Hoogy HQ
  • mango season
  • my new fluffy towel
  • playing football again
  • fibre optic internet
  • My lovely wife, whom I love more and more each year
  • Getting better at identifying different birds from their song alone
  • Baths, and more specifically bath bombs
  • Doing something genuinely interesting as a career
  • The fact that Donald Trump no longer looms over every news broadcast
  • Appreciating the local wildlife/outside places more
  • Having an excellent brother, who is there when I need him
  • There are so many books to read
  • I can start arranging to see the friends I’ve fallen out of touch with in the past year
  • Freedom… some life changes mean that I can potentially get out of London and somewhere that suits me better

Share my life with an amazing woman who I love to bits

Live in a great area with lots of nature and other stuff I like

Am getting my jab today

Probably feel more in charge of my destiny than at any other point in my life

Have a pretty sweet collection of effects pedals :grinning:


great to hear all these things, I really needed it today, thanks everybody!


Lovely thread Bam :slight_smile:

  1. Pumpkin!! he’s so loving and trusting and in good health for his age. Every time I see him asleep in my dad’s arms or hopping nimbly out of his play box and onto my knee or being a good boy and letting me cuddle him it fills my heart with joy. I love him so much, he is my best friend

  2. My ex and the bond we’ve built in the last year - he has been an incredible positive influence (and vice versa) and the way I feel about him makes me feel radiant

  3. My inner circle are absolutely sensational

  4. Really grateful to #science for managing to come up with a bunch of ice cold pints of effective vaccine (of which I’m getting my second one tomorrow hey ohhhhh)

  5. My family, who have done a ridiculous amount of stuff for my flat move without payment (I paid for a kebab shop dinner one time as a thank you). So much furniture built, boxes moved and of course they have let me crash here for like 4 months which I literally couldn’t have coped without

  • An amazing family, a tolerant and brilliant wife and wonderful kids
  • My job (as much as I don’t enjoy it, having it is good)
  • Good bunch of mates. Haven’t seen them for ages, but looking forward to that.
  • Lucky to live in a lovely city with easy access to countryside and that sweet spot distance between not too far away and not too close to family.
  • Music. Lots of it and I’m incredibly grateful for it.

it’s great that you have good people around you and I wish Pumpkin a long and happy life!

  1. Having a supportive and steady job which is low stress.
  2. Managing to sort a grim living situation with stressful neighbours and now having a nice peaceful (for London) place of my own to relax in and enjoy. Big Baths, Big Sleeps, Big Dinners, Big…
  3. Having regular chats with my ATD in Spain and my dad and brother in Bournemouth
  4. Being able to go on long walks, explore, soak up some nature, scout out interesting places to east and drink.
  5. My friends gang holding tight, and we’ve got some exciting trips lined up for summer.

He is 3 years 4 months today which is a good age for a gerbil to be happy and healthy at :blush:


hope he got a nice cake or whatever it is that gerbils like to eat

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wait why did I think it was his birthday. Sorry my brain :frowning:

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