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Looks a bit like Whittle hosted by Tim Vine when Channel 5 started.


Good show that.


the ‘AI’ was called Flynn wasn’t it.

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Yeah, er indoors reminded me of this earlier

Another fun fact: I quickly scanned the Wikipedia page and saw brackets next to the name of the original presenter (referring to the years during which they presented) and interpreted this as the years during which she was alive. So turned to er indoors and said “bloody ell, that Scottish woman who presented it is dead now. Died in 2002.”


Used to love getting home from school and sitting on the floor next to the radiator watching this

'Whittle Away!"

Never get anything but a blank look if I ever say that.

Been a long time
You say you missed me
Word gets round
You shouldn’t have dissed me
Step back, don’t try to kiss me
Right about now I’m 50/50

My mate was on this with his school