503 Service Unavailable Day

I miss the occasional fire alarm test in the office to provide a rare treat of 30 mins not working. Yet another thing ruined by COVID


The gram is working it is fine.

I notice that none of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA news outlets are reporting on this


wake up SHEEPLE

What a pivot


My whole work runs off google’s g-suite, absolutely praying for it all to go down.

Are there going to be lots of overworked and underpaid IT people somewhere getting really shouted at at the moment

Think Spotify is down as well though that may just be me

Most stuff looks back except without images.

Dunno how well fastly pay their staff but they’ll be a bit busy

I was wondering, was checking something on the gov.uk site and couldn’t, and tried to read a recommended guardian article but couldn’t,thought its my Internet

One day the Internet will fully stop working for a bit and we will be fucked


The world as we know it is gone… for an hour


i dont know how our kids are going to explain the world to their kids when history lessons focus on the 2000s to the 2030s

Easy, Prince & Bowie died then Boomers and Gen Xers lost their minds.

Timing of this tweet

  • i tried to read a website today and couldn’t
  • wouldn’t have noticed if not for this thread
  • i still haven’t noticed
  • i just like polls

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