503 Service Unavailable Day

nothing is down

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Ooooh a new conspiracy wormhole.

This and solar winds is preparation for the supply line cyber pandemic

Thinly veiled “I am not a Virgin Media customer” post.

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Will get back to you. Just started reading

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There’s going to be increasing cyber attacks on infrastructure, be it controls for physical hardware or digital infrastructure. But lol at it being a conspiracy

I say ‘there’s going to be’ - it’s an acknowledged threat, I’m not saying it’s going to be an exponential curve or anything

First glance at the conspiracy

Cyber polygon 2021 testing isn’t actually gonna be testing and the supply infrastructure will be purposely taken down.

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Oh man, it’s so hard for me because the catastrophist part of my brain lights up like I’m being tickled when I see this stuff, but also there’s a huge part of me that’s just yelling “THIS IS BULLSHIT, MARK”

What age groups are they currently jagging to sort this out?

The conspiracy is to give everyone Hub 3.0s

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can you summarise this; it sounds right up my alley frankly

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Par for the course really

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My outlook stopped working for a bit (which was pretty worrying as was half way through a long draft) nut notbsure if thst was this or it didnt like me opening an email saved in onenote

And someone mentioned on work teams expecting our work stuff to go down.

This is how @ghosthalo ended up with a podcast isn’t it

its to do with a self-propagating virus that infects the internet and affects any critical infrastructure connected to the it (sewage, government systems etc). A bit like stuxnet but bigger.

But Put in place by the NWO with blame placed on Russia

goes without saying.

Blaze it!