503 Service Unavailable Day

So the J stood for ‘June’.


Are we sure that would be a bad thing? I mean everyone here is good, but have you met the rest of the internet?

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Yeah I mean a lot of it can get in the fire tbh

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Shall we burn it anyway then, just to be sure? Surprised I didn’t think of this before.

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Found myself in a weird prt of Twitter yesterday where people were alleging that high ups were using anagrams as psy ops to mess with people, their case in point being AOC’s t-shirts which say “Drink Water, Don’t be Racist”, which is apparently a subliminal reference to “Dark Winter”, which was the Us gov’s pandemic planning exercise (based around a smallpox outbreak) which is linked to various COVID conspiracies.

I should probably spend less time on Twitter.

On the other hand, very weird that Dom Cummings was tipping off solar flare planning inadequacies last week.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

That would make me feel very insecure about using Fastly

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I’d literally never heard of them until yesterday.


"But a customer quite legitimately changing their settings had exposed a bug in a software update issued to customers in mid-May, causing “85% of our network to return errors”

I smell shite.

503 service unavailable

How in blazes am I going to get to Balsall Heath now

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