5G 5G 5G

I haven’t been around much, so I’m sure it’s been discussed, but what’s the hivemind opinion on 5G? Can you point me towards decent reading? There’s a lot of conspiracy theories circulating about how we’re all locked down so they can put up 5G masts unnoticed. What’s the score? Cheers.

It’s all bullshit



One of my favourite things about these new data speed platforms is that data is still heavily capped, so what really is the point? Like I’m hardly going to go out streaming films when I’ve got an 8gb allowance each month just because it’s a little faster to do so.

I’m sure there are wider applications but for individual domestic use I doubt it will impact on me at all.


dont understand why theres loads of conspiracy nonsense about 5g frying your brain when there wasnt so much with 4g? i remember there being a lot of it about when wifi became more of a thing


5G, 5G, 5G, 5G

I’m begging of you please don’t take my man


Ain’t nothing but a G thang

It’s hard to make a decision because Boris was in favour and IDS was against and I’m struggling to disagree with both of them.


you haven’t been on the david icke forums lately!!!

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4G seems fine. I don’t need any more Gs.


It’s a bit like audio quality. There is no noticeable difference so don’t worry about it

Australia seems to have become far better at this than the UK in the last 5 years. You get 4G on my phone all the time and I have a cheap sort of phone contract but they keep giving me a 30GB bonus month after month. Given I barely got near 2GB in the UK when I had that it’s a puzzle they bother!

A statewide Chinese conspiracy to give us marginally more data :open_mouth:


i never stream anything on data as it is. chances are you’ll be on wifi again in like 5 minutes wherever you are, just deal with it


On tellies

SD -> HD was a noticeable improvement in quality. I’ll give them that.
HD -> Ultra/4K/8K no difference just selling technology to mugs (penoids will pretend otherwise).

I’m not sure what point I’m making here.


too many gs

return of the g

Feel like we’ve really gone backwards tbh? Like I had a cheap smartphone around 2011 that was PAYG but I could get an add on that gave me unlimited (3G) data for £not unreasonable.

I generally won’t let my monthly go above £30 so I’m on a several gens old iPhone now but I get 4gb for that. Which does all I need and the speed is fine for that, so why would I want a wizzo upgrade without a chunky data increase?

doesn’t really matter since nobody is ever going to use their data plans ever again for like 6 months or something


Yep also this. Good for when I’m on a train journey and suddenly want to listen to an album but beyond that???

Just remembered when 4g launched and the ads were all “I’m streaming A FILM while I’m on THE BUS”. Except you’ve run out of data halfway through, haven’t you?

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you know what mate? 6G is round the corner. might as well wait for that.