5G 5G 5G

3G is warmer.


tbf unlimited data in 2011 just meant you could look at a few websites

unlimited data in 2020 would be constantly streaming 4K netflix


Seriously though I’ve seen plenty of older people just swallow this ridiculous horseshit whole, so many of them have absolutely no filter for fake news.

By The Wuhan Clan

Does this work?

  • I personally know a 5G truther
  • I do not

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Heya, 5g will be able, in theory make it so people wont need a wired internet connection.

Due to speeds of up to iirc a gigabit vs the 20mega bit 4g can provide couple with low latency itll be a viable alternative to serve homes internet without the need for fibre wires to be installed.

Of course if you’re looking at it purely from a mobile phone application of course you wont notice but ya know expand your mind and see what it could mean for remote working and stuff you sceptical ninnys


Though DIS stood for David Icke Superfans?

I’ll see myself out


Deleted him off social media but I reckon moker is one.

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We’ve got two people home working off a standard broadband connection, including multiple video calls each day and with both of us streaming music, and it works fine :man_shrugging:

Yeah when I came back at Christmas my network signal was really bad but I thought maybe Three had issues or were failing. I have been maintaining my contract all this time as 13 quid a month or something like that isn’t much to have free calls back to and from the UK.

where’s the ‘I am a 5G truther’ option?


Seem to be lots on my local community Facebook group, getting worked up about smart meters

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I like it, I think it’s good.

Yes this is where they all live

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“do your own research!!!”


Dont have WiFi so 5g will be good.

Someone I know put this on FB

And this one of the comments

5G is top priority for the coming internet of everything, AI control of society. Already people are being encouraged to have micro chip implants which connect to the internet. Connect the dots.


To be fair there’s not much room in space


Shut up and go get your microchip.

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