6.15pm and no evening thread


This weather is grim. Grim enough that I’ve sacked off going to a gong bath with a friend because it involves walking in the wet and wind and then a tube journey and I just cba.

She’s seen my message raining off but hasn’t replied and now I am Thee Paranoia.

Anyhow. Sup chums

A what now

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It’s a thing where you meditate to sound (produced by gongs)


May I ask what a gong bath is?

Weather is horrible here as well, although it’s apparently just a teaser for Friday.

I’ve had some potentially very encouraging news from work this afternoon which is nice after nearly 6 months of being stood down, although my wife has had some potentially less encouraging news from her work.

Currently got a couple of steaks in the pan for dinner - having a steak wrap and some dirty fries.

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Kid’s fallen off the sofa and bumped the back of his bonce on the bar running on the bottom of the coffee table. So a long period of tears. Luckily he’s got a small cut that isn’t bleeding and a bump. Walking fine, playing ok, so got away with one there. My Father in law feels terrible as it happened when he was looking after him.

Anyway, was meant to be meeting a mate for beers, but he’s postponed, so will probably watch the latest Wes Anderson film and have some beer. Halloumi, roasted veg, cous cous for tea.


a gong bath?! what on earth is that?!?! lol

i went out for a run in the evening mizzle and it was quite refreshing tbh. now making some misery pasta and will probably attempt to do the work that i slacked off from doing all day if i can be arsed but signs point to not. have a long bath, do some reading, go to bed? probably.


I’ve been to a gong bath before. That sort of thing is very much not my cup of tea generally, but it was pleasant enough. Had a nice little snooze.



Evening all!

I got most of my marking done today, which was good.

I had a blood test, which was less good.

I’m off to play football in the storm in a bit.

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Suppressing wild anxiety over this work I’ve not even started and thought I’d do some of tonight and then tomorrow on my day off but think i might just not do that and simply point out I’ve not had time, the truth. Still though, little meltdown happening internally :see_no_evil:

Anyway, reading it is. Have got back into intermittent fasting again after many months off the wagon, feel loads better already, but i do want to have a chai :sleepy:

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Ah she got back to me and all is fine.

Brains, hey!!


Off to the pub to make a plan for something potentially exciting and good for my career but I can’t really be bothered :man_shrugging:

Omelette and waffles for tea. So yellow!

Then sitting about

Had first creme egg of the year on the way home. Delicious


She baths the gongs


Look at keith trying to impress internet friends, plays under a roof.


Going to the pub but it’s cold and dark and stormy

MME: is Tibetan Kitchen’s indoor seating area back open yet? If not do Hillary Step allow you to bring external food inside to eat?

Ordered a very silly expensive new phone cause I’m a gadget obsessed consumer drone who kind of regrets it already. What a plonker.

Meant to be going out to the pub on friday for the first time in ages but bloody hell the weather looks very much not promising.

Yep, its back open :+1:

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Having pizza cos I cba with actually making anything. Want to be in bed watching Love Is Blind soon.

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