6 Nations 2023

Godammit Italy. Well played Scotland, but Italy fucked that

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Yep absolutely, they get closer every year.

Enjoyed that shot of that lass at the end there with a smuggled pint can of vitamin T there

mad ending that, poor italy

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Fucking hell, that France try is insane

Boring betting chat:

Took Italy to beat the 15 point handicap at evens.
Have France to win by more than 21 at evens.
Absolutely have Ireland to win by more than 11.

I’ll be relieved if not precisely happy if England are within 21 today. 40 to 50 might be more likely.

Fucking lol

Absolutely ridiculous

Never a red

Jaco is so so bad

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Bombardier please barkeep.


You’re in a hall and Woodhouse pub there. You ain’t getting any bombardier

and wouldn’t you know it, that little boy’s hopes came true

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Excellent tournament this year, 3 all-time classic games at the least.
Sorry Italy couldnt pull off a win today but they keep bombing chances with stupid offloads.

Correct winner.
:ireland: :ireland: :ireland: :ireland:

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I actually agree with the red card but jesus wept Jaco went looking for reasons to ping England. At least half of the penalties today are going the other way in Paris in the Summer.

There is no excuse for not taking a second look at Hansen dragging Watson back over the try line by his throat.

That aside that result was a very good side being in its own head vs a confused side managing to at least make a physical battle of it.

Pleased for Ireland, would be great to see them go on to win the WC. Imagine the party!

Not too impressed that this was ignored. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, and it’s low down, but that looks very much like a shoulder to the head, which surely must have some consequences.

I thought the same about the tackle on Watson and was surprised it didn’t seem to get a mention even on the commentary. I tend to roll my eyes a bit when the pundits say “well that looks bad in slo mo but in real time it’s not as bad” but I do sort of agree in Steward’s case. I guess it depends on if the ref has scope to excuse an on-paper dangerous head contact in “accidental” cases - if he doesn’t, then it probably was a red.

think England will be reasonably happy with that performance, at least compared to last week. frustrated Ireland for a large part of the game even with only 14 men and were absolutely still in it till 60-odd minutes. didn’t look dangerous in attack but would’ve only needed one chance. then it was inevitable with only 14, and then 13, men that the gaps would open up eventually and Ireland would pull away.

could be a cracking World Cup if Ireland, France and Scotland all carry on their good form and then NZ, SA, Australia and England all decide to show up too.


never a red
and yet


he’ll be glad of that


Fair decision. Yellow at best

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