6 Nations 2023

What a crock of shit


Frankly hilarious tight head prop break and offload for England. Looked like it might be tight for half an hour but England absolutely cutting loose now.

Well, 15 minutes of competitive rugby, then a complete dismantling. French getting comprehensively outclassed.

Ooh big come back on.

Not sure where else to put this but Welsh rugby imploding this afternoon. Tipuric and AWJ both retiring, the latter being probably the most influential player in the last 30 years - without warning. It’s quite gutting to see them bow out without fanfare, both been incredible for the game. I have no idea if it’s around the ongoing, ridiculous mess that is the WRU but I wouldn’t doubt it. But what players.

Retiring this close to the world cup is a big and saddening call for two players who deserve a proper chance to say farewell.


Wow. That’s a massive call for both of them. Like you say, prob linked to the WRU situation, but it’s further fuel to the fire that the whole of professional rugby seems like its fully on its arse. Domestic game is incredibly wobbly across many countries, and it is bleeding through to the national level. Real shame, two great players, and in AWJ, a legend of consistency and longevity.