6 Nations 2023

Some classic, over fired up lack of accuracy from Italy so far.

iTaLy ArE gO0D Now

Game over there. Where was this pace 2 weeks ago?

The Italians all need to take a deep breath here.

I would suggest the Welsh have gotten bloody lucky with the ref’s interpretations there.

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True but it just needed one more pass to the wing to guarantee that score. White line fever from the 13.

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Painful to watch from Italy at the moment. Players just not used to being expected to win, all trying far too hard.

lol, lmao
relegate them

Another rush of blood for an Italian chucking away a great position.

Williams is never winning that ball and has launched himself from miles away. That really should be at least a penalty to Italy.


Les français sont bons au oeuf-ballon, non?

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Long afternoon in store by the sounds of it.






Just saw the final score

morgan freeman GIF


Jesus wept.

A systemic failure of biblical proportions.

Itoje made some heroic interventions, the tight 5 stood up to be counted after half time until the props got subbed, and you can’t really blame the wingers for what was going on inside them, but that aside…

WE rock up in Dublin next week without some serious thinking about what we’re meant to be doing and we could be looking at a 70+ point beating.

Oh and smug mode activated for pointing out the difference Danty makes to the French before the start of the tournament.

Great result for France. Evil was punished.

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Highlight for me: Curry screaming and beating his chest when they won a penalty in the 76th min. Living in the moment i guess.

Feel sorry for Borthwick though, think he’s a good egg