65daysofstatic: Rolling Thread - New Album, Subscription Service and Podcast 2K19


Very interesting stuff from the world of 65daysofstatic (who, as we all know are the best band in existence so there’s no point discussing any of that).

A new album is coming. More interestingly however, they’ve launched a subscription service of Unreleased/Unreleasable vol4 which will *"get you an entire library of new music over the course of 12 months. It will consist of loosely themed monthly releases direct to your inbox that attempt to curate and articulate the spaces we forged and then inhabited during our writing process. It’s an archive of primordial 65 sound palettes, a catalogue of (computer) errors and guitar glitches, drone ambience and breakcore math insanity, bleak strategies and escape tunnels. *

This music is at times experimental but hopefully never inaccessible. It’s not a bunch of lazy b-sides. If our next album is a map, then this collection here is the uncharted wilderness it describes a safe passage through. (It should be noted that this subscription does NOT get you the new record. That’s coming out on through more traditional channels)."

In addition to that, a podcast is coming called Bleak Strategies which is not music. I’m intrigued by this.


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Haven’t listened to 65dos for a good while now. Will have to give this new one a whirl.


Very much looking forward to a new album, and seeing them for the 400th time at ArcTanGent this summer. Not sure I’ll be subscribing even if it is pretty reasonable but I hope they make a decent amount from it as I want them to continue as a band for as long as possible.

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They’ve straight up said “this is the best way to support us continuing to be a band” so I’m all in innit


£2.50 a month for a release per month from one of my favourite ever bands sounds like a bargain to me.


Just signed up for the subscription thing - no brainer to get new music every month from a GBOL :+1:



This is good btw

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Starting a podcast is probably the most 65dos thing 65dos have ever done

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Just signed up. One of my favourite bands. Can’t wait to hear what they have come up with, really enjoyed the DT shows earliers this year.


Aaaaah that’s unreal. Texture for days


U/U 4.1 is out now.

I like having bite sized nuggets released throughout the year :slight_smile:

:heart: synths and breaks for daaaaaaayz :smiley:


It’s great. KMF obviously the star of the show but lots to love in the other tracks too. Some old-school 65 vibes from them too