65daysofstatic: Rolling Thread - New Album, Subscription Service and Podcast 2K19

that’s fine by me. the no mans sky soundtrack was more ambient and that was great, especially the second disc of algorithmically generated stuff. i’m aware i’m prob in a minority thinking this tho

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After a few listens I’m liking this track, it works well with the video.
But I was no fan of the second disc of no man’s sky :pensive:

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is 65daysof @antpocalypsenow

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Getting excited about this now. Which is good. :slight_smile:


I’m really gonna have to work on this one I think

There’s a lot of ambient stuff alright. I like it but no idea if it’ll stick with me.

I think I like all of the non-interludey stuff

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Just remembered that. Great gig that was.

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I’m somewhere around here too - I quite like this on first listen but it’s not something I can imagine actively choosing to listen to very often. Glad I didn’t pre-order the vinyl, going to need a few more plays before I decide if it’s worth it.

Was also at that gig - by far and away my favourite period for seeing them live.


hadn’t seen them for years, and had a memory of an annoying cheap piano sound, so almost didn’t see them at ATG this year. Thankfully, I did, as they were great.

wasn’t really listening to the new album when i played it just now.

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Couple of listens into replicr, 2019 now, and I think it might be a proper headphones job. It’s not super-engaging if you’re doing something else, it needs a bit of focus.

Hmm, really not sure after my first play through this morning. Will give it a headphone listen, maybe tonight and see if it’s going to stick or not.

I think if I want to listen to ambient stuff I’d probably go elsewhere, and if I want 65days I’ll go with an earlier album. I actually think this is quite good and it’ll become more popular in time, but it does feel like a spin-off.

This has got me listening to them again though. WWEA and Wild Light are so so good. Recently bought new speakers and been great to listen to WL again, very satisfyingly produced, probably my favourite.


Very much a headphone album! Bad Age is absolutely stunning, up there with my fav ever 65 tracks already

Top lads


Anyone get into this album. I finally got to play it on a loud sound system and it was better but I can’t ever thinking it’s something I’d want to listen to.

I need to give it another go on headphones. To be honest I’d forgotten about it, which clearly says something about my first impression!

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I find the composition process, the year of wreckage project and all the other stuff around this record fascinating. Unfortunately the actual record itself doesn’t really do much for me. I don’t dislike it, but like you I don’t envisage actively wanting to listen to it very often.

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still havent got round to listening to it, with the subscription stuff coming straight to me and the release not getting much press, plus im in the process of moving house… i will, and from what people have said i think i’ll be into it

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I’ve ended up listening to it quite a lot at my computer; it’s probably the most background album they’ve put out - even more background than the No Man’s Sky OST, surprisingly. It’s strange but fitting that when a post-rock group who always flirted heavily with electronics goes full algorithmic they’d end up making an ambient-adjacent album.