6Music Friday


do like a bitta Tom Ravenscroft. Enjoying not having to listen to Lauren Laverne or RadMac too.

can I count on your support, 6music warriors?


no radio in my new office.

we all sit in silence. wtf?


Cricket’s on, sorry


listening to the blues atm, but in full agreement on Laverne. she’s fucking terrible




Should probably plug them in first, mate


Agree about Ravers… miss him now hes on a bit later after Iggy on a Friday eve. Can’t get behind Marie Ann Hobbs at all tho I’m afraid… she picks some decent music but has some cringeworthy radio delivery.


shes quite relaxing late night. But yeah listened to her sitting in for rad mac the other afternoon. Nearly sent me to sleep.


Fucking hate MAH! I have millions and millions and millions of records.

Great. Now fuck off!


Never heard this mix before. I rate it quite good.


There’s a whole new fucking album of remixes. Why did no one tell me?


doing a very small air keyboard atm. very small, very discreet.


no one ever/has ever participated in the ‘wear a band t shirt to work’ thing, have they?