6music Fridays - band t shirt at work day - plus Friday selfies I guess


It’s the most laboured attempt at making a thing happen of the year. I’m wearing a slightly too small girl band t shirt. Photo to follow. Wbu bbz


hahaha, loser!!!


There’s something about this that’s so black, it’s like how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.


Reckon the bits that are white could be blacker


They’re not white, that’s just the piece of shit webcam on this laptop trying to come to terms with all the blackness


I wear band shirts most Fridays and think the whole initiative is cringe so I am wear my Melt Banana t shirt but under a Christmas jumper fuck you


Not best pleased with my hair today, but wearing a great jumper. Underneath that jumper is a Sigur Ros T-shirt so I am unwittingly conforming to the forced fun of Aggpass’sssss employer


Worked a job where they had 6music on every day, nearly made me hate music. Mostly mark radcliffe’s fault.


Managed 5 minutes of Kearney this morning. That’s enough for today


The daytime DJs are all fucking irritating


And he’s the worst of the lot. Would rather listen to smashey and nicey.


I am wearing an oxbow shirt today though


Was weighing up whether to wear my gimpy Death Grips t-shirt at work today but the CEO is in so thought better of it. Instead I’ve dressed like what I is; a massive snowflake.


Forgot about this. Promised someone I was going to wear my Mums t-shirt, too.


oh im wfh so im wearing a muncie girls tshirt. might show you in a bit, its very nice


6music is still so much better than every other radio station though, get real. try listening to heart fm or whatever the fuck all day long. makes you want to kill people.

all DJs are annoying pricks though tbqf


Still don’t understand why people listen to the radio in the year of our lord 2017 AD. Headphones or work in stony silence. No other options.


surprised she’d let you borrow it WAHEY LOL etc


Much rather listen to bonnie tyler than someone acting like some avant garde maverick because they just discovered krautrock


My mother isn’t a music fan, japes.