6music reshuffle

Yes! If I put Lamacq’s show on and something interesting is playing, is more often that not because he’s sitting in.

Really miss this too. Thought Huw Stevens is doing ok as the replacement. Haven’t been able to catch Mary Anne’s show since she’s moved. Has the playlist had any impact? Always a bit sad when a DJ gets “upped” due to being popular but has their appeal diminished by playlist politics of being prime-time.

She’s one of the reasons I don’t listen to 6 at the weekend.

I can’t be arsed with her voice or her attitude.



I must be the only one to miss Keavney in the morning.
I like the music on Laverne’s show, but I may as well listen to Spotify for all she adds to a morning show. Not enough chatter and personality. Its just quite low key and dull.
Good to hear Mary Anne Hobbs on at a decent time though.


I tend to listen to her for the first hour, and from listening to her old show, she usually does a music blitz for the first part, then settles down a bit and gets guests on afterwards. I know what you mean though. Keaveney was more like your mate.

Cannot express my relief at Laverne in the morning. Keaveny’s unlistenable. I need something upbeat.


I’d recommend 6 Music Recommends again if anyone’s missing Mary-Anne Hobbs’s music selection (although she’s got guests covering it at the moment) or prefers Laverne’s mid-morning style or just wants a bit more Ravenscroft. Only an hour long so it’s pretty easy listening. I don’t listen to Lamacq’s anymore as the music was boring and he lazily ends the podcast with a thank you and lets a 80s brass section radio bed play out for over a minute without talking over it so I can’t recommend that one.

Her attitude???

Couldn’t disagree more. Play music. Stfu.


Have to say though, nit-picking about presenters to one side, that station is a force for good overall.

But should play more Frank Ocean.


I feel like every song she plays is supposed to be some kind of transcendental event.

I like it when DJs play good music which introduces me to new stuff - the way she talks about her playlist it’s as if I should be adjusting my paradigm after every tune.


I dunno man. Quite like that she’s in her mid 50s and still clearly has the same enthusiasm for music that she did when I was listening to her on my walkman in the 90s. It comforts me.


You’re not the only one. I quite like Keavney. I’ll never forget the show he and Matt Everett did on the fly the morning of Bowie’s death - superb radio.


I like it. So long as they don’t bring back George Fucking Lamb, I will continue to like it.

I don’t think I really liked her voice twenty years ago when I quite liked her music choice, but I find her music choices dull now too. Even when she plays a band I like, it’s the wrong song and then she tries to tell me she’s rewired my Matrix.

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They’ve fucked it for me, Lauren is too dull and muso-serious for early mornings, MAH’s sedated, droning voice telling you you’re “locked in” and that she’s going to “drop” the latest Kendrick Lamar “joint” is just enraging, and Keaveny trying to do energetic and jokey in the afternoon to fill RadMac’s shoes isn’t really working either. It’s actually driven me to LBC in the mornings, and listening to London cabbies spouting racist bollocks all morning can’t be good for your long term mental health…


I sort of know what you mean - I like her and her genuine enthusiasm but sometimes she’s just TOO intense and earnest. She has a number of annoying vocal tics like always saying a record is by A ‘in collaboration with’ B (rather than just by A and B). Overall I’d still rather have her than most DJs though.


Intense and Earnest are probably the words I’ve been looking for!

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I’m out of the habit of listening to 6music now (besides catching up on stuff like Iggy) but was curious about the reshuffle.

Someone above mentioned the feeling of being in a club…that seems particularly important for a breakfast slot, much moreso than choosing the music like a true connoisseur. I grew up hearing Wogan every day before school…he was by turns mind-bending and comforting, but the music (a fairly narrow Radio 2 playlist) wasn’t why people tuned in for years.

With 6music of course it needs to be a music fan, which Lauren Laverne surely is, but there’s a balance to be struck. From the little I heard this week, I’m not sure she’s got it right yet - it didn’t seem to flow too well, and features like ‘Social Recall’ are quite dull and obvious.

I think I found her voice hard going at first, but her genuine enthusiasm and great selection of music won me over. Will see how Maconie gets on, and hope Radcliffe is okay…

I also had a soft spot for Keaveney. There was always something strangely comforting about hearing him do the Hillstreet Blues bit for the forty billionth time. Like all was still right in the world.