6music reshuffle

Fucking Maximo Park…


Can’t stand the 6music news bulletins. They almost always irk me, for some reason. More than other beeb radio news updates.

Think it might be that it falls into a gap between trying to be brief and breezy like R1, but with a more grown up and serious delivery like R2, and ends up doing neither very well.

Just sack it off. If I wanted to know what’s happening in the news, I’d check it via one of the million other options available.

Nah, worth keeping on if only for the way that Claaaaaaaaire Ronacres pronounces her name.


Seriously, how is it 2021 and I still have to hear fucking Maximo Park every bloody hour of the day?


I’m going to interrupt this thread to say that I really like Maximo Park. Thank you for listening.


Second run play of Maximo Park this morning already!
I’d be tempted to message this board every time they play it but I’m suppose to be working

I don’t even mind them, per se. In fact, I’m quite happy they’re able to keep going after all this time.

I just really haven’t enjoyed hearing them each time I’ve been to the bog since bloody November.

Keep going after all this time all the way to the top of the charts!!

Sadly, that’s not the Architects as in “Make the body move, you got to let the body groove.”

Music I have written & recorded has now been played 6 times on 6Music; twice by Nemone (2021) twice by Tom Robinson (2013) & twice by Lamacq (2004/5)

These are the highlights of my ’career’


Enjoying the consistency here. Look forward to the two plays coming in 2029!