6music reshuffle

It’s a piece of shit radio station and there’s no reason to listen to it.

I’m all about that Noel Edmunds radio station empire anyway

I have been enjoying LL in the mornings. Very upbeat/tempo music choices and her patter has a charming enthusiasm where it seems like sh still has something to prove and I’m rootingfor her


Absolutely. Not perfect but a million times better than anything we had in the 90s. There were a few bright spots on late evening Radio 1, but most of the time god awful boybands, and the only alternative being boring ‘proper music for proper lads etc’ on Atlantic 252/Virgin. I don’t live in London so didn’t have option of Xfm. In that context feel spoiled that the worst thing about it is Lamacq.


I lived in London right at the beginning of XFM, and 6music is far better.
Living in Manchester we were lucky enough to have a great station called Revolution 96.2 a few years back which played what they wanted, it sadly got taken over and is a mainstream thing now, but it was wonderful for a while.

Don’t get all the hate for Lamacq. Surely he (with notable others) are the “bright spots” you’re referring to above? Granted he’s not moved on a lot since then, but a little nostalgia never hurt anyone. This isn’t a dig at you, i’m just consistently surprised people dislike him so much!

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I have no personal dislike for him, but he’s just got so excited about so much awful music over the years that I find it hard to take him remotely seriously. He’s just the voice of landfill indie.


Cannot do a single show without playing either Billy Brag or that ‘Take The Skinheads Bowling’ tune.


Pretty much nailed it there, the voice of ‘indie landfill’. Somehow he works everything back to the bloody 90’s.
Bit harsh this but a mate and I say that he must have a playlist with about 20 soul and reggae tracks on it if he strays from the usual white indie rock playlist.


I think he genuinely likes what he says he likes, but he just has no discrimination or taste. He’s a bit like a toddler indiscriminately picking up everything you put in front of him, genuinely enjoying playing with it, then discarding it and picking up something else you show him.

He likes what he likes. Wears it on his sleeve. That’s what I want from a DJ. Taste’s subjective, I’m not a fan of the awful music terminology. I don’t like a lot of what he plays. But he introduced me to a lot of music over the years. Yeah, I’m more likely to listen to Mary Anne or Giles Peterson now, but I still give lamacq some credit.

My main issue with Lamacq is the same bloody “texters” over and over again - everyone has been to gigs! It’s not interesting!

I just find it hard to take him seriously when he raves about something because I remember him raving about Mumford and Sons or The Pigeon Detectives. It’s like listening to racing tips from someone who repeatedly backs losers.


Ha. I quite enjoy a blast of JJ72 every now and then!

Pretty harsh on the “last night’s gig was…” thread :slight_smile:


Laverne is not a breakfast show DJ, Keaveny was much more suited to it. I don’t want “edgy” dance music at 8 in the morning, just no.
Also, what’s this bizarre shift to a 7:30 start ? Is it to give her time to do the pre-school run ?
I’m afraid it’s probably R5 or R4 for me now in the mornings, shame as I’ve been a “regular” since 2010. It’s pretty much unlistenable now from 7:30 - 13:00, fine outside of this.

So basically you’re ok with it so long as you don’t have to listen to any women?



I’d rather wake up to Gold Soundz (nice opening track on the LL show earlier this week) than John Humphrys patronising another female scientist, or pretending not to understand the internet. I don’t recommend switching to Today, it’s bad for you.

He’s not going to be happy either way - they have women on r4 and r5 now too. They’re everywhere these days.