6music reshuffle

I think she is a really good broadcaster but she’s not really a 6music DJ. It is quite disarming how she doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact that she’s just as surprised as the listener by what record is coming up next. I’m sure the same applies to lots of the others but they perhaps hide it a bit bit better,

Feels like there’s a big contrast with Jamz sitting in for MAH, who seems super-engaged and excited to be bringing her own choice of tunes to play.

(I have a Greater Theory of 6Music in 2021 which basically boils down to a spectrum between MAH and Lamacq but that’s a post for another time when I shouldn’t already be asleep)

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Jamz is brilliant- a proper DJ.

I thought Ezra Furman and John Grant were both really good (in different ways) standing in for Mark Riley and Gideon Coe last night.

I generally preferred what Ezra played to Riley’s usual stuff, and there was much less irrelevant chat and more music. I like Gideon Coe a lot but John Grant’s selection of 70’s electronica was fascinating and ran the gamut from Throbbing Gristle to Abba, with a lot International stuff I’d never heard before.

They’re both in all week I think - worth tuning in.


Really enjoyed Ezra’s show but didn’t realise John Grant was on after. His shows are really good. Always a dry wit and weaves nice anecdotes in with his picks in a way that doesn’t just feel like name dropping. Introduced me to Susanne Sundfør a few years ago (not literally).

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Yeah, nice to have a break from Riley. I dig the guy and he plays some great stuff, but it also feels like he’s been playing some right shite recently. :grinning:

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I liked Kearney a lot, Wonder who’ll replace him? My money would be on Hew Stevens.


Sorry to those who like him, but I’m very pleased to hear this. I just can’t stand how he mumbles in a disinterested monotone over annoying backing music. That and I just generally don’t enjoy his schtick at all.

Presenters that feel the need to have a selection of theme music to speak over are one of my personal bug bears. If they’re speaking, there should be no music, and if there’s music they shouldn’t be speaking.

Starting to speak over the last 10 to 20 seconds of an outro is an acceptable exception to this rule, but that’s it.


I’ll be sorry to see him go - “IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU STEVE Lamacq, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU!!!”


I was a big fan of his breakfast show however his afternoon slot has just felt awkward and directionless. Still, there are a number of 6Music presenters I would have liked to have see exit before him. One has ruined early weekday mornings (clue: I switch over to the Today programme at approximately 7:30am).
*If Ravenscroft or Nemone get the gig then I think I’m about finished with 6Music weekdays aside from a bit of Chris Hawkins and Gid Coe.

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I agree with what you say about Keavney (not so much the rest) He was very good on the breakfast show but has always felt a bit out of place in the afternoon. It’s hard to find a tone for that mid-afternoon show I think.

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Disappointed that SK is leaving. I’m not sure I’d win an argument with any haters out there, because he does just repeat the same old shit every time. But I still enjoy the show, and it’s just nice, uncomplicated, amusing and a good background to help get through the afternoon at work. Also a good tonic from the earlier shows.

I still think SK, LL and Radmac was the best daily lineup, although I only got to listen fleetingly. Wouldn’t mind radmac back for the afternoon but doubt that will happen.

Struggling to think of anyone else in the normal lineup that would work for me. A new arrival maybe, but I suspect not.

Don’t think Liz Kershaw is up to much is she?


I thought RadMac had the tone right for the afternoon slot at least. I don’t think they are suiting the weekend mornings


Please don’t encourage her.

It would be great to get them back on weekday afternoons but I can’t see 6music going that way.


I love Keavney. Quite gutted about this tbh.

I expect Huw Stevens will take over, but I’d prefer Ravenscroft, despite only being able to hear Sean Lock when he talks.


I think either of them are pretty good stand-ins, but a bit too humourless for that slot. Would prefer something a bit more lighthearted personally.

Fair point. Don’t think there’s anyone on the books that fits that profile though (I don’t see radmac moving back) so it would have to be someone brand new.

I think having the two voices works well in that slot. I wonder if they can find another duo (Kershaw/Lamacq?)