6music rolling thread

Any thoughts?
Enjoying Laverne in the morning, although I can see her music policy driving some people away, especially if the FB comments are anything to go by.

I was hungover and dozing, but did she spend half an hour playing awful comedy songs from 70s-90s TV shows yesterday?

The comedy music bit (all comedy music) was dreadful. But she’s a massive improvement in the mornings. Keaveney is unlistenable but he’s now on at a time I rarely want to listen to the radio so that’s fine


Is there music news on Laverne’s show? Haven’t heard it yet. Used to enjoy hearing that, got the odd festival exclusive.

Is it a regular feature? It was baffling and strange and absolutely terrible in every way.

Have switched off on the morning commute. Keaveney was a bit of a tit but he played some great stuff. As much as i like her, Lauren is playing stuff which my head isnt ready for first thing

Think it was just for the day

I like Keaveney, but the show was sounding tired. I quite like how I don’t recognize the songs that Laverne is playing, but agree that the odd classic wouldn’t be amiss.
The ‘music lover’ thing is quite canny I think, the feeling of being part of a club.
Now if they can only move Lamacq along from drivetime, i’ll be happy.

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Sad I won’t get to hear Mary Anne Hobbs on a Saturday morning any more. Loved her selections on a weekend.


Best 6 Music show by a country mile that


Would like to hear more Tom Ravenscroft…he’s my favourite.


Mary Anne is brilliant but Iggy Pop’s show is the best

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If it was just Iggy playing music, I’d agree. But I can’t deal with his voice. Many people feel the same about MAH though, so I’m not really too sure what my point is.


Gilles Peterson is the best thing on 6music by miles. MAH is good though aye


Keaveny did my head in on the breakfast show on the drive to work everyday and i’ve always liked Laverne.
Laverne’s “hello music lover” is already making me want to swerve off a bridge so i think it may be me in the morning that is the problem


I’ve switched to 5 Live.


He is a good lad, glad the spirit of his Dad lives on.

Isn’t 6music daytime mainly a playlist? The music can’t be that different, surely?

It’s not been that bad surely?

Definitely noticed some differences, less guitars than Keaveney’s show.

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