Laverne’s doing an art themed show. Modern Art by Art Brut atm. Banger.
Played Pablo Picasso by The Modern Lovers earlier, very stilted with asshole censored out.

Ahhhh, I wondered why that Rufus Wainwright song was on…

can someone do a poll asking who is the best 6music presenter and we all choose Giles P please

Out of the daytime ones:

Lauren Laverne >>>>> the rest


Also, Huey Morgan can fuck off.


Lauren > People who sub in for the boring old northern men when they’re off >>>>>>>> Radcliffe & Maconie >>> Riley>>> Keaveney >>>>>> Lamacq

something like that


that Anohi song is absolutely doing my nut in.

I can’t stand Keaveny, Maconie and Radcliffe’s “oh look, modern life is a bit shit” schtick.

I always feel that Radcliffe is really hard done by when he gets slagged off all the time, he seems decent.

I think this is the third time I’ve said it on here but I love Gideon Coe (I never really listen during the day)


I think R&M are comfortably better than Riley, Keaveney & Lamacq, and if they were the only middle aged, ‘real music’ white man bores on 6music I wouldn’t have a problem with them.


Mary Anne Hobbs is head and shoulders the worst.


Haven’t heard much keaveney but he sounds like a lad, I can’t really listen to Lamacq anymore. I’m sure I used to like him on the evening session years ago, dunno if it’s him or me that’s changed.

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Cerys because of her voice


Keaveney’s fucking awful. Not funny, plays a load of shit, cunt.


sorry, I misread what this was a reply to

nah, he’s fine

if she’s the one with the permanently blocked nose, then aye, she’s the worst

I don’t mind him when he’s playing it straight. He does quite a lot of work championing folk music and he’s a really decent compere for the Cambridge Folk Festival. It’s just that the humour on his show feels a bit ‘old man yells at cloud’.

nah, he’s shit. boring a shit

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Yeah and she has billions and billions and billions of records.

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