they all play an amount of off playlist stuff, so their taste is still important


No! This debate must NOT end HERE!!




Watch this, I’m going to end it now.


Nothing is important. Nothing matters.


sounds like SOMEONE’s got a touch of the Keavneys!!


think he wants a MASO for that!


I think I once worked something out on here that lead to me believe that someone actually has had a touch of the Keavney.


:open_mouth: .


hey sean does shaun present from mediacity? only i think i held the door open for him at neros in spinningfields the other week if he does


Keaveny has very DiS taste. He loves British Sea Power, Pumpkins, Honeyblood, Kamasi Washington, Maximo Park and has recently been championing acts like Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. This morning he blasted some Aaliyah.


He does his show from London every morning but he’s been doing some telly and Radio4 bits so maybe up there for that.


i mean it could have just been someone who looked like him


thanks for the info. had a look at Kershaw’s twitter and that settled it for me. stopped scrolling at asylum seekers written inside inverted commas. she often plays fishermans blues and I enjoy it, but is probably done for Brexit propaganda purposes.


Hey Sean - do you know if there was any consideration given to blooding new talent from elsewhere on the BBC? I think the reshuffle makes a lot of sense and it’s low risk in terms of losing listeners, but given it’s a “new music” station, I’m kinda surprised they didn’t try to bring someone across from radio 1 or 1 extra.


oh no. are Waterboys Brexity?! oh wait nvm I figured it out. fucking love the Waterboys so.


esp considering its come so soon after radio 1 has done a similar shake up but actually brought some change in (not convinced by having weekend breakfast be fri sat sun but if it means less greg james then its fine by me)


No idea. I’m just a humble social media node. They did have Huw Stephens sitting in for Mary Anne Hobbs the other weekend though.

Following on from my Keaveny defence, I thought this was a really lovely summary:



Is it time to mention, as I do in every 6Music/Keaveny thread on here tbh tbf, that Shaun was in my five-a-side team when I worked at The BBC? Had no idea he was ‘talent’ - assumed he was just an admin drone like the rest of us.Took the TV to point out he was a celeb. Nice guy :+1: Not very good at football :+1:


Shaun Keveney is a bit like olives, you have to listen to him a few times before finally appreciating it. I don’t have an opinion on Laverne, not sure I’ve listened to her much. Hope she’s not awful.

Iggy is my favourite.