don’t listen to her that often but quite like her, she’s just fairly lovely generally really isn’t she?


Really like Keaveny and didn’t expect him to polarize opinion so much. Like Sean said above, would have thought his dry brand of humour to be compatible with these boards.

Don’t often listen to his show too much as I try to get my daily news hit from The Today Programme :confounded:


She seems likeable when I’ve seen her on the telly. I like listening to 6music on my drive in to work so interested to see what her show will be like in the breakfast slot.


I think my main problem is his show seemed a lot better when he had Jake Yapp contributing and after he left it just seemed a bit ‘will this do’ and not in an endearing way. Also his interviews are awful fawning affairs.


didn’t know he was on it. noticed he’s got a Radio 4 show at the minute which i’ve been meaning to start.


Can take or leave Keaveney. Enjoy Small Claims Court, which is pretty much a DiS thread. Prefer Grimmy on radio 1, although I realise most people in this thread don’t fall into the 18-35 listener demographic


Am moving house today and listening to 6music’s all day rave. Very " text from John in Bridgnorth, he says I’m throwing some mad shapes on the way to B&Q, keep it up!"



Julie from Plymouth tweeted to say she’s raving around the kitchen and looking to score some ket if anyone in the area can help.


Shouldn’t be a problem in Plymouth


Dancing around office/kitchen to 6 music or crying during a song that has come on - ever done it?

  • Of course fucking not
  • Yes

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i’m sure I might have thrown a few shapes once or twice


Oh Timmy, Timmy, Timmy…


are you suggesting I shouldn’t dance when the fancy takes me or I shouldn’t be listening to 6 music?


A bit of column a and a bit of column b.

Might you be inclined to text or tweet into the station informing them of your dance?


no - I would never do that

I’m squarely in the 6 music demographic, you may as well tell me I shouldn’t have a beard or enjoy sludge beers


I was shuffling arrythmically around the kitchen to the new aphex twin one just last week!


then lamaq started speaking so I switched to 5 live.


Would’ve liked to have seen that tbh


Got a tweet here from thewarn in Ely saying “shuffling arrythmically around the kitchen to the new aphex twin one”


he is my prompt to stop listening too