I’ve had a text read out on Gideon Coe’s show before (it was about Junior Kickstart and Soundgarden, obviously)




They played Ganja Kru so no complaints from me.


Had a text message from thewarn in Ely saying “Loving the show, Gids, Soundgarden’s Kickstand made me remember Junior Kickstart. Keep on rockin!”


Not too far off! He was looking for recommendations for a motorbike themed show so i suggested them. Set him off reminiscing about kick start, which was good.


Lauren Laverne has also landed the Desert Island Discs gig while Kirsty Yooung is unwell. Her star is certainly in the ascendance…


Because she’s ACE


^Word :+1:




They’ve got Chris Hawkins in doing the afternoon slot and… well… get well soon Mark. Really soon. Please.


Yeah the odd bit I used to hear on the early shift was bearable as it it a pretty odd time anyway but this is no good. I’m sure he is a nice guy but don’t want to him having a giggling fit.


don’t think I like any of the people on 6 music they always seem too into music it’s weird


Can’t think of anyone in the world I’d rather not have a pint with than Steve Lamacq.


I would do it for 300 pounds and nothing less


And that’s one (1) pint paid for


Fine, but it’s your round.


do you think he bangs on about bands in real life too?


Me: hi Steve
Steve: Elastica Camden 90s


I think he talks about nothing other than bands and his connection with their music, except sometimes he’ll switch to boring on about whatever football team it is that he supports. I don’t know that he’s a football fan, but he definitely seems the type.



Right. Fucking obviously it would be a lower league team, wouldn’t it. You probably haven’t heard of them.