Shut up, Steve.


I’m usually up and around with the last half hour or so of Chris Hawkins regular show on in the background. He does have a definite air of the graveyard shift DJ about him.

The music’s fine I guess, but like with Keaveny, it’s the same patter day in day out, year in year out…


40% when he used to write for the NME
40% times he’s chatted to members of bands on tour, whilst claiming to also be ‘on tour’ with them
10% shitty football
10% when he used to be on radio 1


Like Balonz, I quite often listen to him as I’m up dead early. He’s fine for that time. Plays some good stuff. Has good enough features. Wouldn’t want to listen to him during the day, but would almost prefer him to MR


I’m an early riser and so listen to Chris ‘the hawk’ Hawkins regularly. He’s a great lad and perfect for the mornings with his gentle but knowing humour.saying that he sounds really awkward filling in the afternoons


I had never heard of Chris ‘the hawk’ Hawkins before today


5 to 7am are the golden vhours. set your alarm !


Chris The Hawk Hawkins makes a lot of very wet mouth sounds.


Who do you know its his mouth?


Reckon I could do a 10 minute conversation with him about Colchester while sinking a pint. For £50 plus the pint and a pack of nuts


would be funny if he did a porky cameron and started talking about a team with similar colours.

‘yeah been a massive wednesday fan since I started working for the nme’


he can’t really be like this surely he is self-aware and playing a character right?


met him - he’s worse. a lot less friendly, if that was possible.


Why’s everyone so familiar with steve lamacq


I guess some people must think he is cool or he wouldn’t be on the radio


used to work together at the nme in the 90s


I know the back stories of all notable Colcestrians. Tarrant, O’leary, Lidell. You name it


who is your favourite colestrian?


Keep your friends close, and your former nme writers closer


Boudicca or Jeremy Spake