Spake presented a series for BBC TV, The Toughest Job in Britain and his second book is based on the jobs he was filmed doing. Such jobs included replacing the bulbs on Blackpool Tower and work on a turkey farm.


yeah these both seem like cool choices!


Spake’s back in the airport game!

I’m pleased about this because it was clear from the original Airport that he was very good at his job.


Apparently he lives on cider and salt and vinegar crisps so it should be a cheap evening.


Do you think Lamacq looks in the mirror and sings ‘Return of Lamacq’ ala Mark Morrison to himself?




I’ll update the spreadsheet


Woah! New avatar!


I remember absolutely hating her in about 1998 when she insisted on telling the whole world that the lo-fidelity all stars would be the biggest band in the world.

Maybe I’m exaggerating but I just remember her introducing them at the Brighton music festival and saying “this is the last time they’ll play a shed like this” and thinking, cor this band will be good…and then being really confused when they were absolutely shit.


I hope so, Mona.