The Cribs followed by Interpol. <3 u lamacq.

Still remember that little promo he did where it was a Cribs gig and the crowd were all chanting Steve Lamacq’s name. <3


Changes afoot


Laverne moved to the morning show, Mary Ann Hobbs taking Laverne’s slot, Keavney in the afternoons.


Keavney in the fucking bin, please


As long as Gideon’s still on when I’m pottering around the kitchen at 10pm.


Balls! Mary Ann Hobbs is the fucking pits.


Pretty happy with MAH at mid morning tbh. And LL on breakfast, and I never listen in the mid afternoon, so I don’t have to hear SK anymore. Win, win, win


Don’t mind MAH. Cant get on with LL at all though.

(insert LL Cool J Radio joke here please)


Laverne is fine. Attracts the pretending to dance around the kitchen brigade though. Keaveny is much worse than everyone else, him being out of my alarm is great, great news. Hate him


LL is fine MAH is not


Bet you’re happy with your mate Hawk the Hawk Hawkster getting an extra 30 minutes in the morn?


actually, is it sadpunk that hates him? Might be @sadpunk.

You’re the everitt hater aren’t you.


YES! Won’t hear much of him as I have become all I previously hated - a podcast wanker (when in the car).


I liked MAH on weekend mornings, when I’m much more likely to have the radio on, so that’s a shame, but I’m pleased to have back to back women all morning in the week, Laverne first thing, is a move up in terms of audience size, isn’t it? so that’s also good, as she’s the best of the regular week presenters at the moment. Hopefully R&M might be more interesting given the greater freedom of a weekend slot, but I’m not so sure.


I listen to some podcasts now too :frowning:


Stuart Maconie says: “Ever since humanity first emerged from the primeval swamp and looked questioningly and fearfully towards the stars, a restless desire for change has been part of our DNA, and the scheduling of BBC radio programmes is no exception. I see the move of Radcliffe and Maconie to weekend mornings as part of the ceaseless turbine of progress that drives us all, somewhere between Elon Musk’s tiny submarines and landing on the moon. I am looking forward to it immensely.”


Reeves & Mortimer have got a show? Nice!




I can’t tell any of the men apart.


there’s the miserable mancunian, the annoying mancunian, the miserable unfunny mancunian and the other mancunian.


I hear what you are saying, get more southerners on.