what about the grouchy white northern one who still thinks he’s relevant cause he had his finger on the pulse in the 80s?


someone from Liverpool though!


lamacqs from the south!


Colchester scum


They’re all called Mark too. sinister.


From Colchester, no less.


I like some 90s stuff too


can I have this as my tagline please @moderators


at least one’s called marc, tbf.


Is anyone from 6 music from Norfolk? I heard a lady who spoke in what I thought might be a Norfolk accent and that’s a lovely accent.


isn’t Ravenscroft from Norfolk? That’s where Peel used to live iirc.


They should have given him MAH’s slot (missus!). He’s ok.


wait, it was Suffolk wasn’t it. carry on.


*Generic bogland


they talk too much. shut up play some fucking music you dicks


Suffolk has hills you idiot!


exactly my pottering time/6 music time if i can’t be arsed to choose some music


Contrary to everyone else, I like Keaveny, MAH, and Radcliffe and Maconie. Seems like a good shuffle.

Laverne’s good too when she’s not doing scripted stuff (something about her delivery of anything she’s reading grates. A lot.) The features she normally runs should work well for a breakfast show.

Incredible that no-one’s criticising Lamacq though. Of all the regulars he’s the one I’d like consigned to a late night timeslot. Yes, we know you’ve seen lots of bands and signed Elastica, but that doesn’t mean that every track and every feature needs an anecdote from you.


Lamacq’s really shit but I don’t listen to the radio generally at that time so he’s fine where he is imo


By 4pm I am starting to get the good go home vibes so just let Lamacq wash over me. I like Keaveny too. Occasionally annoying but definitely a better person than Aggpass.