Lamacq is the worst for sure.


Yeah, I’d like to see Lamaq gone and Tom r in his place.

The rest are all fine all in all. LL is my favourite as our music tastes are most aligned and she seems very nice


R&M replaced by Keaveny.

Do they just not want people to listen in the afternoon?


keaveny just talks and talks.


talks utter shit, too. most of them you can just tune out the patter but he’s a grating man




at least with everyone else I can sort of gauge what their musical taste/style is, in between the chatter and playlist stuff. him I have no idea.

he must give good blowjobs cos god knows how else he got the gig


YES, have had to ditch it completely over breakfast and I really like Laverne, this is great news


i’ve never listened to Keaveny before, i never have the radio on that early (if i’m up at all). quite like sticking Radcliffe & Maconie on in the afternoon before i head to work so a bit disappointed they’re moving to a time where i’ll never hear them. same with Laverne really.


i go to work when Lamacq is starting so i never have to hear him. he’s dreadful though yeah and should be binned off to a shite slot somewhere else on a Saturday night or something, agree that Ravenscroft should be given his spot. Ravenscroft still doesn’t have a regular show does he? that’s mad given that he’s very good.

Riley and Coe are obviously both great - the latter can occasionally get a bit too focused on jangly 80s indie pop and i drift off but usually enjoy him, particularly like his themed shows. used to always stick him on when i got home from work every night.


heh, i like Maconie but i genuinely wasn’t sure if this was a real quote or a parody


He does Friday nights, has done for a few years now. Pretty much the only thing I listen to on 6 now, along with Giles Peterson.


Oh it was actually 2010 he started. Er, time moves fast I guess :upside_down_face:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Ravenscroft


oh yeah i forgot about that. i normally only catch him when he’s filling in for other people.


I hate the hawkster so much.

So much.


MaH 's twee voice is so grating. Almost as bad as Cerys Matthews. Prefer the dour northern schtik to it, even though that’s just as shit. 6music has the potential to be much better than it is really.


Each to their own, but you’re soo wrong about MAH & Cerys


I love MaH’s voice but it may be more down to nostalga of Radio 1 in the 90s.

Cerys’ show is nauseatingly bad.


Why are you all still listening to the wireless, it’s 2018 ffs


Can’t really imagine anyone finding Cerys’ voice NOT grating tbf.

‘Welsh mates’ think she’s exaggerating her accent horribly.