is he the one who has a lot of mouth-sounds happening?


Cerys is great you numpties. I’ve heard d loads of fantastic music on her show that I wouldn’t have heard anywhere else. Plus lots of Super Furry Animals too so there


Oh, and I’ve really been enjoying Amy Lamé’s shows recently.


remember when Huey didn’t win an award and had a massive sulk and started insulting all the other DJs on twitter?

weird man.


Still not forgiven him for smashing that glass on NMTB


Hadn’t thought of that!


You have to embrace the bellishness of Huey.


All of you complaining about Lamaq: unfortunately he’s their regularly highest rated show. Probably still has a huge listener base from the 90s who tune in.

I haven’t seen a single positive reaction on twitter to this reshuffle. I don’t think it’s terrible, but it definitely feels a bit unnecessary considering 6music’s just had an audience increase.


I do wonder if Radcliffe and Maconie wanted to do less/different stuff and this caused the whole shuffle?
Keaveney in the afternoon will be absolute death for me

EDIT: ha, well so much for that theory, just said it wasn’t their choice.


The music Hobgoblin plays is good, she seems really affable, intelligent, it’s just that she laughs at the most pointless things, a stupid little laugh for no fucking reason whatsover.!..


My guess is that Keaveny has had enough of breakfasts


Riley, again seems like a decent bloke, but there are more than 10 bands in the world, not just Field Music, The Oh Sees, Wave Pictures etc.

If they ever did an audit Gideon Coe must play literally hundreds more artists a year than Metronomy Man.


just can’t cope with the 80% or so turgid british indie he favours.


I mean, at least a lot of it is new, so he’s one-up on lammo, but it’s mostly just so so dull.


Yep, and the same artists night after night after night.


Kershaw is worst imo, she’s Brexity as fuck and a deeply unpleasant person on Twitter; it occasionally seeps through into her deliberately over-innocuous radio personality. She leapt on the fact that Hookworms pulled out of that Labour JezFest thing, obviously hoping to get MJ to slag Corbyn off or something, and it was incredibly awkward when MJ said it was for personal reasons and they were really disappointed they couldn’t play.


Really like MAH, she’s a really smart curator and discoverer and her background is massively diverse and not the usual whiteboy indie (Radio 1 Rock Show, Breezeblock, basically personally responsible for breaking dubstep through to the mainstream, massive promoter of Erased Tapes and other modern composer/ambient/drone stuff, etc etc).

Can take or leave Keaveney going to the afternoon slot but secretly quite glad RadMac are leaving it - they’re basically fine but they natter too much for a show I mostly listen to at work, and I think they’re both better presenting on their own. Weekend breakfast seems like a good fit for them. Suspect Keaveney’s going to be similar on the annoyance front, though.

But yeah so long as Gid and Thomas are still around, all is good.


Gid Coe :+1:


take your point, but anyone playing Oh Sees and Ty Segall endlessly will get a thumbs up from me tbh.

has some great sessions too.


i did used to always prefer it when either Rad or Mac was missing and the other was presenting solo (far less exhausting) but i’ve grown to quite like them together actually. that kind of radio show that feels like it’s providing good company when you’re sitting about the house on your tod.