Maconie just seems like generic proud Northerner in pub to me.

A slightly more paletable Clint Boon.


Sorry but wrong lads ! Mary Anne is the best. Shes been at the forefront of cutting edge music for two decades . I remember listening to the breeze block when I was a teenager under my bedcovers hearing for the first time the sounds of dubstep and grime . I love that she is a genuine music fan


Yeah but she’s boring as fuck and really full of herself. She’s going to be 90% playlist so who gives a fuck about her tastes.


Hobbs seems alright but I’ve never heard her show properly, only really heard her popping up in trailers and stuff. I’ll give her a go.


She squeezes a lot of her own tastes into her weekend show. Not sure she’ll have such a free pass to do so on a weekday slot which would be a shame. I love M-AH.


Yeah the weekend/evening shows are a totally different kettle of fish. In the day you might as well just have people you like/find funny/whatever, they could hate music, it wouldn’t matter too much.


accidently clicked on Ravenscroft, thinking it was the best poll.


you can change your vote fyi


Glad they’ve binned off radmac’s northern show. Remember them spending about half an hour complaining about there being a music festival in east London once. Awful stuff. Both are really unprofessional interviewers too.



That’s one of the really bad ones, aye.


Three of my least favourite people* in one image!

*When it comes to the wide spectrum of modern western music, not the whole world, obv.


Father John Misty is an absolute weapons grade dickhead, but he’s got a lovely voice and has written some very good music imo


I don’t get along too well with musicians so seeped in irony. If that makes sense.


I only really listen to Gilles Peterson and 6 Music Recommends but I really like LL… she plays loads of different genres and pretty much everything I like… then again it helps that she is such a warm personality on radio and I listen to Recommends driving into work at 4am needing something to pull me out of a proper shit bad mood.

Again I love what Mary-Anne Hobbs plays but her voice is really grating for me… wouldn’t even attempt to listen to Cerys on that basis either.


Sorry folks but I love Cerys’ show.

Stone me now for i am a heretic!


Oh I dunno, FJM absolutely deserved that. He was being a prick and they called him on it.


A daytime music programme with the mass appeal of 6music ain’t the forum for it though.


I mean, you could say the same about FJM there, though.


Christ this is awful. Everyone talking over each other about vacuous garbage. FJM’s purr is insufferable. He knows what he’s doing