Was surprised to see such negativity about Shaun. He’s incredibly funny and maybe I’ve drunk the koolaid of seeing all the tweets coming in every day but he’s incredibly beloved. He’ll be great in the afternoon.


She’s given such a diverse range of acts a big push, from Ikonika and Burial to Deftones and Nils Frahm via Hannah Peel and Flohio. Definitely give her Recommends show a go, an hour every week of new releases and new acts. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bdcksp


Did see Hannah Peel singing her praises in an interview recently yeah


Sack it off and listen to WFMU instead.


I don’t mind Keaveny but he’s always been fairly disliked on here since he started. I don’t think most of us have a high tolerance for that overly-talky humour stuff that he goes for, particularly in the mornings.

A shame to be missing Lozza doing the morning slot as that would be interesting.


It’s odd because his humour reminds me of a lot of the things on here. Perhaps worth a few people revisiting over the coming weeks? Be curious if there’s still such a dislike.


Had this one in the car this morning, loads of great stuff on there.


He’s my alarm every morning and I absolutely can’t stand him. Really looking forward to the reshuffle


He’s fine, sean.


I like SK and always have. He’s a good fella


6music… play some music.
whats his thing? what music does he like? no idea, just loves the sound of his own voice.


He likes the Who.




Daltrey is such a bellend


for real?? fuck him off to radio 2 FFS


And Led Zep. Mainly


he likes a peado band basically?

wheres the fucking book Pete?


I don’t really see how it matters as it is just (largely) a playlist for the daytime shows. Who gives a fuck what music they like? Unless I have to endure it I couldn’t give a shit what music any human likes. Makes no odds to me.


the off-playlist stuff he plays is shit
his chat is shit
he’s shit


Yeah I think we get the idea you don’t like him. I think he is ok.