7:56 and no Tuesday thread yet?

Morning all. Still buzzing from Ariana Grande.

How are you?

Hi! I’m sleepy, and it’s my day off, but the plumber is coming at 8.30 and someone to fix the window at 10 so no rest for little old Funkhouser yet :frowning: Might go to Dartmouth after that.


Just sent something off to @whiterussian in the post.

I have wrapped my present for my wife for our 10th wedding anniversary in a couple of days so I feel like I’ve got ahead of stuff.

In other news I haven’t really been working well the last few weeks. Fucking zero motivation. Shit.

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I hear ya. Can’t drag myself to the plate, really.

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Struggling a bit - was in a bad mood all of yesterday evening and haven’t really pulled it together.

Did book flights to Dubrovnik last night which was nice - I think a holiday will help when it eventually comes round.



Still raging I didn’t see Ariana

Standard day coming up I think, though tonight I will be skyping my pal that moved back to Brazil last month, that’ll be lovely.

Have a good day lovers


Morning. Shitstorm of a working day ahead. One of my members of staff used my first day back in work yesterday to have a massive moan / gossip about what’s up with everyone else in the team, so I’ve got the joy of sorting that all out over the next week.


Dropped a jar of Marmite when making my breakfast, but managed to cushion its fall with my leg so it didn’t smash when it hit the floor. Result!


Currently enjoying a pot of coffee and some granola. Off to work soon. Not much else to report!!!

Not buzzing, cba

(Original Big Thief lyrics needed work)

From separate containers, or

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Two buses broke down on me this morning. TWO. But I’m feeling really good this morning. I did one of those Headspace meditation apps before bed and it zenned me the fuck out. Would recommend.

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Saw some ATDs last night, now chilling with a cat. An ATC, if you will.


Just called my mother in law out on Facebook for sharing that ridiculous image which claims that pensioners get total benefits of £6000, whilst illegal immigrants get £29000.

It’s going to be one of those days isn’t it…


ATC is an anagram of cat


See it’s this kind of quality #content that means you’re not allowed to take holidays anymore.

I was absent from here for most of 2018 and everyone survived

Lads I am in such a great mood. Gonna capitalise by going for a swim after work and might even use the outdoor pool for the first time (although I’m convinced I’ll get 3rd degree sunburn)


I think we just all put a brave face on it tbh.

Up, granola and tea- ing. Hi5 @ericVI

Going to the park with friends later, hopefully fresh air will help me sleep before midnight…patterns for me and the kids have got well off and I’m slightly concerned when we go back to school that it’s going to be traumatic.